Listing of Regular Matters

Listing of Regular Matters in India

Listing of Regular Matters in Constitutional Issues

In the framework of Listing of Cases , the Supreme Court of India´s “Handbook of Information” provides the following content in relation to listing of regular matters: unless otherwise directed, regular matters included in the weekly list are listed in the following order:

  • Part-Heard Matters (if any).
  • Group Matters (larger group to precede the smaller group).
  • Three Judges Bench Matters.
  • Death Case.
  • Jail Matters.
  • Appeals against acquittals filed by the State/Complainant.
  • Election Matters of Parliament Constituency and Assembly Constituency.
  • Specially Directed and Adjourned Matters.
  • Prevention of Corruption Act Matters.
  • Matters in which employees/workmen have become out of job due to dismissal, removal, compulsory retirement and retrenchment.
  • Matters relating to Senior Citizens of the age of 65 years onwards.
  • Matrimonial Matters.
  • Old Matters.
  • After Decision Matters.
  • Short Matters.
  • Expedited Matters.
  • Ordinary Matters.

Other Issues in regard to Listing of Regular Matters

Consequent to the approval of Honorable the Chief Justice of India, the combined priority list in the matter of listing of CIVIL AND CRIMINAL REGULAR HEARING MATTERS is as follows:

  •  Part-heard matters (if any).
  • Death Cases.
  • Matters relating to sexual harassment, kidnapping & abduction.
  • Matters relating to harassment of SC/ST/OBC and women.
  • Matters relating to harassment, cruelty to woman for dowry, dowry death, eve-teasing, domestic violence etc.
  • Prevention of Corruption matters.
  • Other criminal matters in which Accused are in Jail.
  • Group matters (5 onwards).
  • Three Judges’ Bench matters.
  • Appeals filed against Acquittals.
  • Election matters of Parliament Constituency & Assembly Constituency.
  • Specially directed and adjourned matters.
  • Out of job matters.
  • Senior Citizen matters.
  • Matrimonial matters.
  • Old matters.
  • Matters which are to be listed after the diposal a particular matter.
  • Short Matters.
  • Expedited and Ordinary Matters in the ratio of 1:2..

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