Legislature Inauguration

Indian Legislature Inauguration H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught’s Address to the Indian Assembly on its Inauguration, 9 February 1921 Your Excellency and Gentlemen of the Indian Legislature, I am the bearer of a message from His Majesty the King-Emperor. It is this: As you know, it had been the intention of His Majesty to send … Read more

Judicial System

Indian Judicial System The judicial system in India, in general, has managed to safeguard the basic spirit of the Indian Constitution and to protect the fundamental rights of the country’s ordinary citizens, not only of the most privileged. But it is true that it has also been severely criticized for exhibiting strong activism. The judiciary … Read more

Marriage Law

Marriage Law in India Marriage law and Cultural pluralism in India The laws on the Family Law of India, also known as personal or customary laws, govern the characteristics of family life, such as marriage, separation, divorce and its consequences, child support and other persons dependents, inheritance, adoption and guardianship. Independent India retained many aspects … Read more

National Defense Budget

National Defense Budget in India Economic defense cost in India A new dimension of the need for higher defense spending to protect India from upheavals is compounded by the growing dangers posed by the threat of international terrorism. India’s defense budget The appropriations for the defense budget in India are made in terms of “current … Read more

Post-Colonial Public Service

Post-Colonial Public Service in India The Post-Colonial Public Service in the Report on Indian Constitutional Reforms by Edwin S. Montagu and Lord Chelmsford, 1918 THE CASE FOR INCREASING THE INDIAN ELEMENT 313. In the forefront of the announcement of August 20 the policy of the increasing association of Indians in every branch of the administration … Read more

Home Professions

Home Professions in India In the Early XX Century “Is the liking for outside ornaments-for pictures, or statues, or furniture, or architectures moral quality? Yes, most surely, if a rightly set liking. Taste for any pictures or statues is not a moral quality, but taste for good ones is. . . . To teach taste … Read more

Council of Princes

Council of Princes in India Council of Princes in India in the Report on Indian Constitutional Reforms by Edwin S. Montagu and Lord Chelmsford, 1918 “We have explained how, on various occasions in recent years, the princes have met in conference at the invitation of the Viceroy. These conferences have been of great value in … Read more

Imperial War Conferences

Imperial War Conferences in India Imperial War Conference, 24 July 1918 CHAIRMAN: Mr. Hughes cannot came this morning, and Sir Robert Borden is away. The first subject on the agenda is reciprocity of treatment between India and the Dominions, on which there is a Memorandum by Sir Satyendra Sinha, which has been circulated, and also … Read more

Listing of Regular Matters

Listing of Regular Matters in India Listing of Regular Matters in Constitutional Issues In the framework of Listing of Cases , the Supreme Court of India´s “Handbook of Information” provides the following content in relation to listing of regular matters: unless otherwise directed, regular matters included in the weekly list are listed in the following … Read more

Statutory Appeal

Statutory Appeal Statutory Appeals in Constitutional Issues Note: see the entry on Statutory Appeals in this Indian legal encyclopedia for background information and more details. In the framework of Jurisdiction of the Court , the Supreme Court of India´s “Handbook of Information” provides the following content in relation to statutory appeals: Section 35L of the … Read more