Judicial System

Indian Judicial System The judicial system in India, in general, has managed to safeguard the basic spirit of the Indian Constitution and to protect the fundamental rights of the country’s ordinary citizens, not only of the most privileged. But it is true that it has also been severely criticized for exhibiting strong activism. The judiciary … Read more

Marriage Law

Marriage Law in India Marriage law and Cultural pluralism in India The laws on the Family Law of India, also known as personal or customary laws, govern the characteristics of family life, such as marriage, separation, divorce and its consequences, child support and other persons dependents, inheritance, adoption and guardianship. Independent India retained many aspects … Read more

National Defense Budget

National Defense Budget in India Economic defense cost in India A new dimension of the need for higher defense spending to protect India from upheavals is compounded by the growing dangers posed by the threat of international terrorism. India’s defense budget The appropriations for the defense budget in India are made in terms of “current … Read more


Parliament in India Indian Parliament The Parliament is the supreme legislative body of a country. Our Parliament comprises of the President and the two Houses, Lok Sabha (House of the People) and Rajya Sabha (Council of States). The President has the power to summon and prorogue either […]

Election Commission

Election Commission of India The Election Commission of India is a constitutional body which is responsible for the maintenance of the electoral procedure in the country. The Constitution of India has vested in the Election Commission of India the superintendence, direction and control of the […]


Commentaries in India Commentaries are useful legal sources in India. A list of Commentaries are provided below: Commentaries about Constitutional Law (India) Seervai H.M.: Constitutional Law of India: A Critical Commentary, Edn. 4, Vols. 3, 1996. Reprint 2011, New Delhi:Universal Law […]


Judiciary in India Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shrivastava, in his Guide to India’s Legal Research and Legal System, explains the following: The State Judiciary consists of a high court for each state and subordinate courts in each district. Each high court consists of a chief justice and a number of […]

Nandini Satpathy V. Dani (P.l.) & Anr

Nandini Satpathy V. Dani (P.l.) & Anr in India Nandini Satpathy V. Dani (P.l.) & Anr [1978] Insc 82; Air 1978 Sc 1025; 1978 (3) Scr 608; 1978 (2) Scc 424 (7 April 1978) Court Judgment Information Year: 1978 Date: 2 Scc 424 Court: Supreme Court of India Citation: […]

Outsourcing Legal Work

Outsourcing Legal Work in India The market for outsourced legal work is expected to reach $163 billion by next year, and India is positioned to seize the largest share. The time difference between India and the United States allows for work to be done overnight, and many people in India’s […]

Arranged Marriages

Arranged Marriages in India The government of Prime Minister Tony Blair issued a White Paper, or statement of policy, on immigration and citizenship. Entitled Secure Borders, Safe Haven and prepared by Britain’s Home Secretary, David Blunkett, the White Paper aims to increase controls over […]

Mistakenly Divorced

Mistakenly Divorced in India Nazma Bibi (the India’s most famous reluctant divorcée) ordeal started (in 2003) during an argument with her husband about money. In the altercation, Nazma’s husband, Sher Mohammad, an underemployed laborer, decided he’d had enough of her, and shouted talaq, […]