Parliament in India Indian Parliament The Parliament is the supreme legislative body of a country. Our Parliament comprises of the President and the two Houses, Lok Sabha (House of the People) and Rajya Sabha (Council of States). The President has the power to summon and prorogue either […]

Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha, Lower House of Indian Parliament Lok Sabha formed one of the cores of the Indian Parliament. Indian Parliament is divided into two houses namely the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. After gaining independence in 1947 it was decided to have a democratic status for future India where […]

Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of Indian Parliament The Parliament consists of the President and the two Houses i.e. the Council of States and the House of the People. While the two Houses continue to be recognised by these names in the Constitution, they are in actual practice known […]


Indian Speaker, Presiding Officer of Lok Sabha Indian Speaker occupies a rather important role in the parliamentary democracy of the country. It is the Speaker who represents the full authority of the house itself. The responsibilities of the Speaker are quite overwhelming as every aspect of […]