Subordinate Courts

Subordinate Courts in India The subordinate courts, at the level of districts and lower, have almost similar structure all over the country. They deal with civil and criminal cases in accordance with their respective jurisdictions and administer the Code of Civil Procedure and the Code of […]


Courts of India the Courts of India comprise the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, District Court, Sessions Courts and several other courts. The Indian law system is discussed in details in Part V, Chapter IV of the Indian Constitution. The Supreme Court of India is the highest authority […]

Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court in India One of the oldest High Courts in the country is the Bombay High Court. Its contract was issued on June 26, 1862 and was inaugurated in the same year on August 14. Apart from the Bombay Bench, it also has benches at Panaji, Nagpur and Aurangabad. It can also hear the […]

High Court

High Court in India Definition of High Court In India and other countries, in general, a concept of High Court may refers as follows: Court above the Circuit Court with full jurisdiction to decide all matters of law and fact (additional information on the topic may be found in this Indian […]